How to Make Vordt’s Great Hammer in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Introduction: A Brief History of the Vordt’s Great Hammer

In this article, we will explore the history and the crafting guide for a Vordt’s Great Hammer. As a result of this research, we can learn more about what it took to create such an amazing weapon.

The Vordt’s Great Hammer was one of the most powerful weapons in The Elder Scrolls Online. It allowed players to take on the role of any one of ten different vordt creatures, each with their own unique abilities and strengths.

Take a look at our crafting guide to see how you can make your own Vordts Great Hammer in-game!

How Does the Vordt’s Great Hammer Work and What Combat Moves or Skills Can You use With it?

The Vordt’s Great Hammer is a unique weapon that can deal a lot of damage. It is advised to use it in close range combat, as it’s slow attack speed may be difficult to use against fast enemies.

Skyrim Special Edition is an open-world RPG game with a huge variety of weapons and skills. After completing the tutorial quest, you have access to over 40 abilities and spells, including the Vordt’s Great Hammer – a heavy-hitting one-handed warhammer that deals blunt damage. This hammer has an improved skill tree associated with it, allowing for different combat moves and skills to be unlocked.

Go on this adventure as you try out different combat moves in this game with some AI help from Skyrim Special Edition!

How to make vordt’s great hammer?


In order to make the Vordt’s Great Hammer in Skyrim, you’ll need a character level of 40. You’ll also need a smithing level of 100 and the Ebony Smithing perk unlocked to begin working on this item.

The materials required for crafting this weapon are as follows:

2 Leather Strips 2 Iron Ingots 4 Grand Soul Gems (only if you want the weapon to scale with your level) 1 Daedra Heart

As you can see, this is a very rare and unique weapon. Crafting it requires a huge amount of patience and time! The process will not be easy for everyone. You should also note that you cannot upgrade the Vordt’s Great Hammer in any way whatsoever, so plan accordingly if you’re looking to make it even stronger.

How to make vordt’s great hammer in-game?

1. Open up your crafting menu and navigate to the Blacksmithing section. Find an option to create a ‘Maul’ under the ‘One-Handed’ tab.

2. Move the item to be crafted into your ‘Crafting Materials’ inventory box and press ‘Craft’.

3. When you want to add an enchantment, such as ‘Absorb Stamina’, navigate back to the Blacksmithing menu. Craft a Grand Soul Gem and place it in your inventory using the Alchemy section of the crafting menu.

4. Open up your enchanting menu, navigate to the ‘Weapons’ tab, then select ‘Maul’. Find the enchantment you just crafted and add it to your Grand Soul Gem. Then, place all three items in the inventory box – Maul, Grand Soulgem with Enchantment, and Leather Strips – and press craft.

5. Your weapon should be compatible with the perk which unlocks vordt’s great hammer (Ebony Smithing). Find this in your ‘Smithing’ section and unlock it by moving the required materials into the inventory box and selecting craft.

6. Now you can open up your menu once more, navigate to your ‘Weapons’ tab, and place your brand new weapon into your inventory. Equip it to begin using Vordt’s Great Hammer!


Vordt’s Great Hammer was one of the best weapons in The Elder Scrolls Online – providing you with different abilities, depending on the type of vordt enemy you chose to play as. It would be a shame to miss out on this wonderful weapon, so take a look at our crafting guide and enjoy it for yourself!

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